Development of application-specific system solutions

As an industrial system supplier, we also provide expertise with regard to engineering services relating to our product portfolio. For example, we offer you robotic production cell simulations, standardisation services and feasibility studies.

We conduct virtual computer simulations of robotic production cells which graphically represent the actual production processes in order to calculate the movement sequences, reaches and interfering edges of the robot. In a subsequent step, our engineers determine the ideal arrangement of components in the cells in order to achieve collision-free processes and consequently optimum cycle times.

Please also contact us if you would like, for example, to standardise your off-the-roll cable or pre-assembled cable systems. Jointly with you, our experts devise concepts for reducing the variants used within your product portfolio. We help you to optimise your internal expenditure and reduce capital lock-up.

We develop application-specific system solutions for you and document them in feasibility studies, based upon which we develop solution proposals customised to your applications. Our concepts are of course accompanied by measures such astailored training and complementary service offerings.


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