Special applications

Cables and systems for unusual applications

In addition to our core markets of robotics, factory automation, measurement & highfrequency technology as well as drive engineering, we also have standard and customised solutions for practically every conceivable area of application. We would like to highlight the following:

  • audio and video technology
  • defence technology
  • cleanroom technology as well as
  • high temperature technology

Our solutions are tailored perfectly to your specific application requirements.

In the industrial environment, multimedia cables are used in building services as well as in safety and lighting equipment. Equally, they are used in event and stage equipment. We supply the widest possible variety of these cables from stock.

For defence technology-related tasks we supply both special cable products and cables that conform to national and international standards. Our products for maritime and ground-based applications complement each other here.

Our cleanroom cables fulfil the highest requirements in terms of emission properties, in both permanently installed and highly mobile use. Customer approvals document these properties, and neutral certification institutes have substantiated them.

In the high temperature segment, LEONI has a unique range of products and services encompassing compound development, cable design and production of state-of-the-art extrusion, sintering and taping machines. Our products cover a temperature range from –190 °C to +1,250 °C.

We can also offer all our products as ready-to-connect cable systems or cable assemblies through to the fully wired module.

Application example underwater cable

Underwater cable for offshore measuring buoys

For this offshore application, the cable must be waterproof and designed for constant operation in the ocean. Resistance to UV rays and salt water is also required.

Our underwater cable designed for this purpose is longitudinally waterproof to a depth of 100 m and laterally waterproof up to 500 m. Resistance to seawater for permanent deployment under water, interference-free telemetry of measurement signals and power supply to the buoy are guaranteed.

Application example cables for high-temperature application

Cables for high-temperature application in mechanical engineering

In this design the principal focus is on the extreme temperature variations that arise in different sections.

We have developed a PTFE hose conduit with braid that can be deployed at temperatures ranging from –190 °C to +260 °C; no matter what temperature prevails in which segment of production, the same cable can be used. Apart from this exceptional temperature stability, the cable is also resistant to aggressive media and can be subjected to severe mechanical strain.

Tailor-made products